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SCA cooking diary

Bhakail Investiture 2013

Course 1
Salat 20: Cucumber salad (V, GF)
Salat 15: Asparagus salad (V, GF)
Crab 15: English pie with crab (GF option available)
Lamb 26: Lamb with sage and cherry (GF)
Soup 46: New cheese soup (V, GF)
Rye bread, butter (V)

Course 2
Pottage 107: Raspberry soup(V, GF)
Pottage 13: Peas and barley(V)
Beef 45: Roasted beef with horseradish (GF)
Fish Pie 3: Salmon in Rye bread (GF option available)
Rice 175 : Hedgehogs (V, GF, Nut free option available)
Many colored chicken

Course 3
Pastry 3- Fried cherries (V, GF option available)
Tart 8: Apricot tart (V, GF option available)
Pastry 63- Waffles

On the table
Marzipan- (V, GF)
Sugar paste Salamanders- (V, GF)

Source material Ein new Kuchbuch 1581, M.Marxen Rumpolt/ Churf. Meintzischen.
Digitized original manuscript-
Nutzungsbedingungen für Online-Angebote der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel

Transliteration and Translation,by Ranvaig Weaver mka Sharon Palmer, copyright 2013

Modern recipe conversion, Wendy Marques, 2013

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Bhakail Yule 2013

Long over due menu from Yule.

Tart of Bry V Brie cheese, sugar, egg, ginger, saffron, salt, crust
Cold Sage Chicken Dg chicken, parsley, ginger, sage, cinnamon, saffron, grains of paradise, egg, cloves, vinegar, bread
Meat Stew Dg beef, red wine, onion, raisin, almond, clove, pepper, ginger, mace, sage, rosemary, thyme, bread
Sallad VDG almonds, raisins, figs, olives, capers, currants, sugar, oil, vinegar, oranges, lemons, sage, spinach, lettuce, cucumber
Sliced Cheese G

Course the Second:
Pies of Paris Dg beef, pork, red wine, stock, currants, dates, salt, ginger, sugar, pie crust
Galentyne Dg pork, cloves,onions, mace, lard, bread, stock, vinegar, pepper, cinnamon, salt
Asparagus VDG vinegar, asparagus, salt pepper
Rice of Genoa VDG rice, salt, stock, saffron
Buttered Worts VG Brussels sprouts, salt, pepper, butter
Custard Vg egg, cream, sugar, wheat
Course the Third:
Allos of Beef DG beef, sage, thyme, onion, suet (if available), salt, pepper
Chyches VDG chickpeas, garlic, oil, pepper, cloves, saffron, salt
Peas Royal VDG peas, stock, almond milk, saffron, sugar, salt
Stewed Mutton DG lamb, parsley, onion, wine, vinegar, pepper, cinnamon, salt, water
Eggs in Moonshine VDG egg, sugar, rosewater
Snowe VG apple, cream, sugar, rosewater, rosemary
Course the Fourth:
Brawn DG pork, nutmeg, white wine, ginger, salt, peppercorns, bay leaves
Blancmange vG rice, almond milk, chicken, salt, almond, sugar
Smothered Rabbits Dg rabbit, onion, currant, bread, salt, pepper, salt, vinegar
Applemuse VG apple, rosewater, sugar, butter, cinnamon
Poached Eggs (ingredients forthcoming)
Rysmole VDG rice flour, almond, salt, sugar, ginger
Course the Fifth:
Salmon Roasted in Sauce DG salmon, onion, red wine, cinnamon, vinegar, salt, ginger
Chekins Farcied DG chicken, egg, currants, pork, parsley, sage, thyme
Gourdes in Potage vDG squash, onions, stock, pork, salt, sugar, cinnamon, ginger
Cabbage cabbage, onion, cinnamon, leeks, stock
Wardons in syrup VDG pears, red wine, cinnamon, sugar, ginger, vinegar
Scraped Chese with Sugar VG Hard cheese, sugar
Course the Sixth:
Mallard gD duck, oil, onion, stock, wine, clove, mace, pepper, cinnamon, bread, vinegar, ginger, salt
Red Dere GD venison, salt, pepper, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme
Tart of Cheese Vg cheese, egg, cream, butter, sugar
Fumentry VD whole wheat, egg, almond, stock
Spinach Fritters V spinach, bread, egg, cinnamon, ginger, butter, sugar
Candied Citrus Peels vGD orange, lemon, sugar, water
Final Course (for all):
Jelly Hippocras VDG grape juice, sugar, clove, ginger, cinnamon, clove, coriander, salt, gelatin
Marchpane VG almond, sugar, rosewater, rice paper
Muscadines VDG rosewater, egg white, sugar, lemon, gum tragacanth, mint
Comfits VDG sugar, rosewater, anise seeds
Cinnamon Sticks VDG rosewater, egg white, sugar, lemon, gum tragacanth, cinnamon
Bread VD flour, water, salt, yeast

Well that was interesting. WP pulled the all the HTML formatting over from the Yule site. Thank you to Lord Reijnier Verplanck, original coder/webmaster of Bhakail’s Yule site, which still has the menu in it’s original format.

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Menu- Spring Coronation 2013

Course 1
Rye bread, butter
Salat 20:  Cucumber salad (V, GF)
Salat 15:  Asparagus salad (V, GF)
Salat 45:  Radish salad (V, GF)
Soup 46:  New cheese soup(V, GF)
Beef 64:  Beef dumplings (meatballs)

Course 2
Lamb 26:  Lamb with sage and cherry (served cold)
Hen 2:  Hen made in the Hungarian way
Pottage 13:  Peas and barley (V)
Pottage 37:  Earth apples (potato) (V available, GF)
Soup 45:  Cheese onion soup (V, GF available)

Course 3
Indian chicken 3:  Stuffed Turkey (served cold)
Pork 34:  Roast pork (served cold)
Pottage 81:  Barley and chicken
Pottage 126:  Lentils and pea broth (V, GF)
Soup 42:  Rice soup (V, GF)

Course 4
Confect 1:  Apple confect (V, GF)
Turten 8:  Apricot tart (V, GF available)
Pretzels (V)
Comfits (V, GF)
Marzipan:  (V, GF)

Source material Ein new Kuchbuch 1581, M.Marxen Rumpolt/ Churf. Meintzischen.
Digitized original manuscript-
Nutzungsbedingungen für Online-Angebote der Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel

Transliteration and Translation,by Ranvaig Weaver mka Sharon Palmer, copyright 2013

Modern recipe conversion, Wendy Marques, 2013

Coronation Recipes

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River War- 2012 feast menu

First course
Cold plate: Cheddar, brie, goat cheese, ham, egg
Bake mete ryalle (pork and chicken)
Bread: butter, herb, pear butter

Main course
Leg of lamb
Chickens Farsed -(chicken with pork stuffing)
Sweet Potatoes
Perry of pesoun (peas)
Spynoches yfryed (fried spinach)
Ryse of genoa (rice)

Green Garlic Sauce
Sauce Alapeuere (pepper and garlic)

Desert course
Custard and berries
Custad Lombard (almond and pear)

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Research: Seasonal food- England, late 16th century for September

I am working on collecting my data bits for feast creation for River Wars. I know I want to do a 3 course, English dinner from the late 16th century.At this time, the only thing set is the 3rd course of Marchepanes, white gingerbread and boiled custard.

I am working with some local artisans to get some fresh goat cheese and GF bread created specifically for the day.  Regular bread will probably be sourdough or a nice ale bread, maybe both (though I am partial to sourdoughs). I am want to use seasonal produce and proteins, for England.  Which is why this list may vary from what we would have available on the East Coast.

Artichoke, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Cucumbers, Fennel, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Parsnips , Radishes, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Squash, Turnips

Apples, Apricots, Blackberries, Blueberries, Figs, Grapes, Plums, Pumpkin, Pears, Squash

Beef, Domesticated poultry, Duck, Lamb, Pork, Rabbit, Venison

The current ideas is to do something as an illusion food with the following “manuscript” for the main course.  But that is as far as I have gotten in the thought process.  The rest will get flushed out, eventually. But as it is an English dinner, there will likely be a subtlety and a menu that will be created along the lines of the “lost unicorn cookbook”.

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Subtlety- Spanish Peacock

I am trying to expand beyond “sugar” with subtleties. Too many people do not understand the non-edible versions of the term.  It’s been a while since I’ve done something structural and edible, that was not sugar.

For our Mudthaw event, I created a Spanish Peacock bread subtlety.  The bread is a basic Manchet recipe that has been colored with food coloring. I used toothpicks to attach the wings, neck and head.  The back lifted off and was filled with herbed goat cheese (saffron, parsley, sage, thyme, cardamom and grains of paradise).

The neck was a new to me culinary trick for baking “round shaped” bread. It was rolled into strips and then coiled up a conical frame (made from parchment).  The overall result was interesting, but worked once I had a head on and it pinned to the body.  It was a good technique to try.  Definitely a step up on the complexity scale.


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White Gingerbread

To make white Ginger bread.
Take Gumma Dragantis* half an once, and steep it in rosewater two daies, then put thereto a pound of sugar beaten and finely serced, and beat them well together, so that it may be wrought like paste, then role it thin into two Cakes, then take a fewe Jordain almonds and blaunch them in colde water, then dry them with a faire Cloth, and stampe them in a mortar very finelye, adding thereto a little rosewater, beat finely also the whitest Sugar you can get and searce it.

Then take Ginger, pare it and beat it very small and serce it, them put in sugar to the almonds and beat them together very well, then take it out and work it at your pleasure, then lay it even upon one of your cakes, and cover it with an other and when you put it in the molde, strewe fine ginger both above and beneathe, if you have not great store of Sugar, then take Rice and beat i tsmall and serce it, and put it into the Morter and beat them altogether.
*Gumma Dragantis = gum traganth.

From: A book of cookrye Very necessary for all such as delight therin. Gathered by A.W. At London : Printed by Edward Allde, 1591

I brought the white gingerbread to our event this weekend and entered it in the cooking competition. It was a very big hit.The consensus is that it was tasty without being cloyingly sweet or rosy. I believe the key was the addition of the freshly ground dried ginger.

I had samples of the gum paste and the marzipan available to the judges and asked that they try the individual ingredient first prior to eating the confection. There was a sample of the ginger, which I also asked them to try. There is a brightness to the ginger when you grind it fresh. It retains some of
the properties of fresh ginger and it isn’t as pungent as the ground ginger you can buy anywhere. By trying each ingredient separately, I could show how all the components were needed to make the perfect bite.

I used a shallow chocolate mold for creating the shapes and trimmed out the pieces using a round cookie cutter. The over all confection was a tad smaller than a 1/2 dollar.

I will definitely be making this again.

Modern recipe
1 tsp gum tragacanth
1 tsp rosewater
1/4 cup water
1 lb powdered sugar
4 oz sugar
8 oz blanched almonds
2 tbl + 1 tsp rose water
2 tbl ground ginger

1. Combine tragacanth and waters together, let sit for 8-10 hours
2. Combine softened gum mixture with powder sugar. You may need more or less
than a pound.
3. Kneed mixture until a paste has been achieved.
4. Wrap in plastic wrap and put aside
5. Grind sugar, almonds and 1 tbl of ginger together until very fine
6. Add Rose water and bring mixture together to a sticky paste.
7. Roll out gum paste 1/8″ thick.
8. Cut out shapes
9. On a bottom piece, add almond/ginger paste 1/8″ thick.
10.Cover with a second piece of gum paste.
11.Dust candy/sugar/cookie mold with ginger
12.Press disk of gum paste into mold.
13.Trim edges and serve.

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