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HRE tour: Friesia- Dress design

I want to work my way around the Holy Roman Empire via costume.  I will be starting with Códice de Trajes,Hacia 1547  Click “view digital object” to see the book.  I want to make the various regional dresses and create a book of me in the costumes of each area  Eventually I will bind the book and it will become my personal codex.

The first area we will be visiting will be Freisa. I have the dress designed.  If the pink linen and black wool arrive in time this dress will be made for our Yule celebration, this coming weekend.  I have 2 full days off and nothing on the schedule that needs doing “RIGHT NOW”.

I will be posting in progress pictures as I go along.

And I’ve been busy designing other gowns for other folks and regions of HRE.  So expect to see a lot of costuming posts in the next day or so.  And just to keep things interesting, I will be posting some sugar write ups as I get ready to do winter subtlety projects.


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Swabian dress #4: The “mostly” final design

Well in theory, this is the mostly final design.  There will be tweaks as we go. And the goal again is to hand applique and bead all of the elements. So there may end up being fewer leaves.

Full sleeve

Full Dress:

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Swabian dress #4: design iterations

Normally, I don’t post all of the design process. But I figure that folks can learn from my iterations along with me. I’ve been trying to lean more towards “real” and less “what works”. In this iteration, you can see that the letter shape of the Y changed to something a little more calligraphy, less typography. Both the previous Y and this Y are in the pre- 1600 time period. But this new version begins to look more like a decorative cap, rather than a composition of things. The person who will be wearing this is running for baronial seat. But win or lose, the dress will be made and worn for Baronial Investiture. It is important to see if the design will hold up with all the elements, even if one element is missing. So I am adding a side by side view of what it will look like with a baronial coronet.  This covers both outcomes.

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Swabian Dress #4: design in progress

The sleeve design is in full swing. Doing design mockups like this allow me to play with elements until I and the recipient are happy.  It also serves as the baseline for what the applique shapes will be.

What we have so far:

What’s left?  The background noise, of ivy leaves.  The leaf motif will carry to the front and back of the bodice.

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Swabian dress #4: Where I build a door

If you know me, you know there are a few things that I really don’t particularly care for.  Beading is one of those things. And yet, I will be doing another beaded dress.

I have been asked to build a Swabian dress., that reflects the various regions of our Barony.  Salamander for the Barony, squirrels for the Canton, and ivy leaves for the Baliwick. Our baronial device is a salamander, “Gules, a Salamander sable dancing in flames, environed of a laurel wreath proper, on a chief argent a hurst of three trees, maple, pine and oak, proper, between a quill and a quill inverted, gules.” Which if you are a herald and playing along, this written in 1971, so it is what it is.  So I mocked up a sleeve, sent it over and the reaction was “I trust you…”

Discussion ensues with various folks who know more than I do. And I decided to scrap this plan and go with plan B.  I wanted something more heraldic. More real. Just …  More.

Fast forward to today, and enter the door.

It is beautiful.  The salamander is perfect.  The flames are perfect. The finial is perfect.  A variation of this will be on the sleeve. I will be replacing the “F” with either a “B” or an “Y” depending on what the wearer would like.  The sleeve will have ivy vines and leaves that will carry over to the 11/2 of the bodice front and back of the dress.  Interspersed throughout the leaves will be squirrels and smaller salamanders.  But the center piece of the dress will be the sleeve.  Now off to the design board.

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