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Water horse- completed

The water horse has been completed. There were a lot of new techniques used in project construction.  With the exception of a few wood screws to keep the base together, everything used in the project were materials that could have been found pre 17th century.

Documentation: Documentation Water Horse

Front view:

Back view:

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Water horse- Hurry up and wait

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Sugar is a lesson in hurry up and wait.   Currently the legs are on and the hair is on and I am in the holding pattern of waiting for things to dry/set.  This is the last step before I get a final coat of black paint on.  Then the scenery part and the river weeds will be the next step.  Friday will be the application of the wax and pouring of the sugar sheet.

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Heraldic cote- HRM Gregor von Heisler

I will be starting a new rapier armor project for HRM Gregor von Heisler.  This will be another heraldic English cote.



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Water horse- sugar progress

I have finally started to make some progress with the actual sugar sculpting.  The weather has been problematic.  But I have pictures. You can clearly see how the sugar builds up the over all structure from the base armature of wire and paper mache.

Stage 1: Adding the tail color

Stage 2:Scaling the fish part

Stage 3: Horse head and some color details


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Water horse- Armature, in progress

The armature for the water horse has been completed. The horse itself is wire and paper mache.  The paper mache was allowed to dry for a complete week, prior to being sealed with glair.

A “box” needed to be constructed to create the rest of the river structure.  Channels have been added to support the river surface and the river cut through.  Wood has been secured  with wood screws and wood glue.  You can see the water horse supported into the base by a 1/4″ dowel.  This will eventually be covered by the river bottom. The right side will be an area that I can put documentation and any other elements related to the project.

Here is the top view of the box.  The hole around the water horse will be filled by sugar paste.  The complete illusion will be to have the water horse in mid-transformation from fish to horse. There will also be a bank and some water plants.

The other side,will be left open.  This will be so that judges can see what is behind the scenes of the over all piece.

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What’s with all the menus?

I realized that while I’ve been posting recipes, I forgot to post the actual event feast menus.  Please enjoy.

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Menu- Runnymede Dinner 2011

Course 1
Watermelon salad
Bacon wrapped pork bites
Bread with cheeses and butter

Course 2
Lamb w/green sauce
Chicken w/mustard sauce
Summer vegetables
Cheese risotto

Course 3
Grilled fruit
Arme ritter w/cherry sauce

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