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Sutton Hoo- completed

The Sutton Hoo subtlety has been completed and delivered to the Pennsic State diner 2012. This was an interesting project as the side pieces are attached via silk thread to the main helm. The helm plaques covered the holes and thread and provided a level of security to keep the plates stationary and in place. The figures were made by pressing brass plates into the sugar paste creating a negative.  Normally this should be an embossed positive image, but there were time constraints due to weather.  The brass plates were created by Sir Raymond the Quiet, OL, OP and can be purchased here (he does amazingly beautiful work and a really nice vendor). I used 2 designs and alternated them to create the helm pattern.

Project notes:

  • Aluminum wire armature, covered by paper mache, sealed with glare
  • Inner helm linen with natural linen
  • Face plate is piped icing for texture
  • ~70 individually applied sugar paste helm plaques
  • Colored with silver and gold paint
  • Sealed with several layers of non-toxic acrylic
  • Displayed with a standard hat stand
  • Total weight ~3-4 lbs, including 3 lbs of sugar paste


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Brunissende Dragonette de Brocéliande- completed

The heraldic armor is complete save the finishing work of hemming the bottom and adding the lacing holes.  The side gores as predicted were challenging.  But in the end they went in fairly smoothly.

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