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Epic fail: Beef

I usually post the good things, successful things and what I think are neato things.  But every once in a while, I need to post about the epic failures.  And this is one of those posts.

  • Food safety rule #1: You have a 4 hour window to get food to the safe zone before bad things(bacteria) start to happen.
  • Food safety rule #2: Food must be at or below 41°  or at or above 140° to be considered ‘safe’
  • Food safety rule #3: If you put food that is 175° into your refrigerator,it will raise the temperature of the fridge to levels that your other foods can be in the danger zone.
  • Food safety rule #4: Touch everything.

I cooked beef this weekend. Pot roast style beef for Yule.  It was tasty, happy goodness. I let it cool, covered on the counter for an hour before bagging and refrigerating the meat.  All was well.

When I have a fridge stocked full of food, I go through a check in the morning and when I come home.  Just to make sure all the food is stored properly. At the AM touch test, everything felt cool. When I got home for the PM touch test… disaster.  All of the beef and one ham were touch test ‘warm’. I pulled out one bag and a thermometer. 50°. Pulled out the rest of the bags same deal.  One was even as high as 63°.  I lost 35lbs of beef, 4lbs of ham. I then tested the rest of the refrigerator, and the other foods were fine.  Almost too cold.

I think the problem was the fridge not closing properly at the bottom.  I have since replaced the meat and will be cooking it off tomorrow. It is a pain because I had to throw out all that food.  On the flip side… I know I will not be making people sick.  Feast will be yummy and safe. And that is all that matters.

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