SCA- Culinary

Head cook (click year for menus):
Dayboard- Pennsic Court of Love 2009
Dayboard- Raze a Village 2009, 2010
Dayboard- Coronation of Gregor and Kiena 2013
Dayboard- Pennsic Queen’s tea 2013 (co-head with Wulfgang)
Feast- Bhakail Yule 2009, 2010, 2013, 2017
Feast- Mudthaw 2011
Feast- Pennsic Runnymede Dinner 2011
Feast- River War Games 2012
Feast- Bhakail Investiture 2013
Dinner- Heir’s dinner, Pennsic 2015 (co-head with Wulfgang)
Dinner- State dinner, Pennsic 2016 (co-head with Wulfgang)

Deputy cook
Coronation, 2010

Mistress Katerine atte Wyshe de la Rye, Order of the Pelican, June 2012
Master Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla, Order of the Pelican, Sept 2013

Pennsic State Dinner- 2012
Coronation of Edward and Thyra- 2012
East Kingdom 12th Night- 2013
Bhakail Investiture- 2013


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