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Sugar Paste: An interesting error

During a class demonstration at Pennsic, I had an interesting error. Rather than use the egg white and corn syrup combo of my normal sugar paste recipe, I ended up with a bit of a snafu. My egg ended up scrambling in the short walk from my camp to the classroom tent. Since I only had one egg, I decided to just go with it, reminding the class that the yolk would probably color the sugar slightly.

To my surprise, we ended up with a white sugar product. It was able to hold more sugar than the standard recipe, and the corn syrup/glucose was not needed. We only used about 2/3 of the egg mixture. All we needed to adjust was a little more water. The texture was more pliable, similar to a fondant. I am not sure of the drying properties, as all of the samples were given away in the class. We figured the extra fat in the yolk helped with the elasticity of the over all sugar paste.

Needless to say, I will be playing with this in the future.

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Pennsic- Classes for 2010

Class outline for UI Basics for Webministers
AKA: Making things work and look good
Description: Covers site development, interface design, usability and accessibility guidelines as needed for local group webministers.
Outline here:UI Basics

Class outline for Creating Order out of Chaos- Feasts for 20 or 200
AKA: A happy kitchen means happy food.
Description: Lessons from a restaurant chef, how to run a feast of any size. Topics include portion control, kitchen organization, food challenges, and course management.
Outline here:Feast Cooking

Class outline for Sugar Work
Description: This class is a part demonstration, part lecture about sugar work/techniques.
Outline here:Sugar Work

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Pennsic- Life in the SCA after Gastric Bypass outline

Here is the outline for my third Pennsic class: Life in the SCA after Gastric Bypass. Or as I like to call it: big eyes… little bellies. This class explores challenges faced after bariatric surgery, including care and feeding of fighters, how to stay hydrated and feast dietary considerations.

Bypass outline

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Pennsic- List legal fencing armor outline

Here is the outline for my second Pennsic class and first KWAR: List legal fencing armor. Or as I like to call it: looking good and still able to move

This class will explore creating period clothing that is list legal armor, proper use of a drop tester, and safety requirements across kingdoms.

List legal fencing armor class outline

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Pennsic- Food challenges in SCA cooking outline

Here is the outline for my first Pennsic class: Food challenges in SCA cooking. Or as I like to call it: How not to kill people with food.

This class explores how to cook for people with food challenges, including allergies and dietary restrictions. Covers safe food handling, cross contamination risks and educating your kitchen/feast crews.

Food Challenges Class Outline

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