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What the apprentice wore- Kirtle completed

The kirtle has been completed and just needs a good pressing.

Front of garment

Inside of garment

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Just a reminder that all of my confectionery work has been moved to it’s own blog. All my conserves, syrups, paste, persona and science experiments relating to confections can be found at

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“Period” shoes

I have Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT), which I’ve had all my life. I have had a number of surgeries to stablize my feet, that make finding shoes difficult. I wear skateboard shoes pretty much all day, every day. Finding shoes for late period SCA is even harder. I’ve tried many different types of shoes, all with limited success. I am a reasonably good costumer, but often get comments on how my shoes detract from the over all appearance of my clothes.  I am also a sword fighter.  I need close toed shoes with reasonable arch support in order to fence on grass and uneven surfaces.

On the Elizabethan costuming FB group, someone posted a link for how to modify a pair of loafers into a period-esq latchet shoe. Loafers generally do not pass the CMT shoe flex test, so I needed something with a bit less flex. I modified a pair of black/black vans to simulate a latchet shoe. Rather than experiment on a new pair of shoes, I took a pair of Era that I had a hard time wearing on the list (don’t mind the pennsic that is still on the shoes). They are black with black soles and laces. Only equipment needed was a black sharpie, sharp fabric scissors and a little bit of fray check.

I cut along the seam line to create the open shape of the latchet.


I had pressure points on my foot with the full tongue, so the tongue was cut into an hourglass shape.

This is the final result. Fray check the seam and use a black sharpie to blacken the red logo on the back of the shoe.

On my feet:
shoes1 shoe2

So far they don’t hurt and they will pass a 2-3 foot rule. I’m calling this a win as I can also fence in them. Now that I know they work, I can get the Atwood flavor of van and do the same treatment as these work best for my feet.  And I will have time to break them in for the upcoming war/fence all the things season.

Original instructions on this site


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New beginings

I’ve started a new blog for my confectionery work.  Some of it was getting lost here between all the sewing and the cooking posts. Slowly I will begin moving the confections over to the new home. The goal of the new blog is to create a living “book of secrets.” You will be able to follow the the nyce and trewe accounte of Alesone Gray of Cranlegh, Sugarwricht over at

I will still be posting all my other projects (sewing, heraldry, armor and cooking) here. I’ve got more posts lined up to put out here, including some new armoring projects. Thanks for following along.

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Updated: Confection research

Updated the research paper, now with experimental research. Paper has increased by 13 pages. The next version will probably have more about the various classes and their build or buy tendencies.


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Heraldic gown- German early 16th century: 3 yards of Heraldry

This is what 3 yards of heraldry looks like from the 2nd floor balcony. The center line represents the back of the dress and the change in armory. The ermines are appliques also. The dress has been completely appliqued. The dress has been built. All that is needed are the final touches of trim added. This is the part that will take the longest.


Design Phase

The dress has been completed and you can see it here: This is Yehuda getting his Silver Crescent (OHM for service in the East). Photo taken by Hugh Tauerner.

What’s all the heraldry mean:
Right side panel- Who am I?
Alesone’s arms- Quarterly gules and sable, on a bend sinister argent three fleurs-de-lys gules. Those are Florentine fleurs, they look a bit like lobsters with jazz hands (yeah, there’s a story behind those).

Left side panel- My associations (aka-who I’ve been “licked by”)
Front 1/2
Aly Macintosh’s badge- (Fieldless) A bear rampant gules charged with an ermine spot argent. This was put on a yellow feild to show that I am a protege.

Back 1/2 Top-
Ian Raven’s cadet mark- My position is the 6th child of Ian Raven, which is represented by the fleur-de-lys.My cadet scarf is marked by Ian’s ermine spot and raven, with the fleur on top.

Back 1/2 Bottom-
Donovan Shinnock’s badge-  (Fieldless) A fox’s mask gules charged with a mascle argent.This was put on a green field as that is one of his primary device colors.When my Don moved out of kingdom, I entered into the age old system of “fostering”.

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This isn’t really a project post…

This isn’t really a project post, but a post about why I do projects.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the chaos and politics of the SCA, that we forget the things that make it magical for us. As many of us get ready for Pennsic, I thought I’d share one of the things that makes the SCA special for me.

A few years ago, happy go lucky, brandy new fencer was getting ready to go to her first Pennsic. She had been fencing for 3 months, was barely authorized and was teased often about being a girlie girl. So she went on a quest to find the loudest, pinkest, girliest linen for her new armor. Unfortunately for her, pink is not a fall color and the stores were not stocking the shade she was hunting for. And let’s face it, Rust is not a good pink.

About the same time a gentle inquired, “who are you?” You fence, you cook, you sew. I know almost all the people in this area that do that combo of things. She explained that she was new, but jumping into this SCA thing with both feet forward. Further conversations reveled her trials for finding pink linen. “I have some pink linen that I’ve been saving for a special occasion. How about you take it, make something, and go be joyous on the list. How much do you need?”

When the box of highlighter pink linen and subsequent rose colored lining arrived on my door step, she could not contain her excitement. Rather than the 1 or 2 yards she said she was looking for, there were 17 yards of fabric in a great big box. When she asked how much do I owe you? He said nothing, because someday you will pay it forward to another happy go lucky, brandy new fencer.

The happy go lucky, brandy new fencer, is not so new and slightly less shiny, but I still love my community. This is why I sew things for people who cannot, gift linen to those who need it and why I will someday outfit the entire eastern army. We were all brand new at one point. And it brings me joy to see you skip around a list, in something that cost me just a little bit of time and a few bits of fabric.

If you look carefully at any of my armor, there is a little bit of that pink in everything I wear on the list. And it still makes me smile and giggle like the happy go lucky, brandy new fencer I am on the inside.

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