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This is documentation for classes that I have developed

Fall Rum 2011 class outlines

Here are the class outlines for Fall RUM 2011.

Period Gum Paste
Feast Cooking
Appliqués and heraldic garments

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Sugar Paste: An interesting error

During a class demonstration at Pennsic, I had an interesting error. Rather than use the egg white and corn syrup combo of my normal sugar paste recipe, I ended up with a bit of a snafu. My egg ended up scrambling in the short walk from my camp to the classroom tent. Since I only had one egg, I decided to just go with it, reminding the class that the yolk would probably color the sugar slightly.

To my surprise, we ended up with a white sugar product. It was able to hold more sugar than the standard recipe, and the corn syrup/glucose was not needed. We only used about 2/3 of the egg mixture. All we needed to adjust was a little more water. The texture was more pliable, similar to a fondant. I am not sure of the drying properties, as all of the samples were given away in the class. We figured the extra fat in the yolk helped with the elasticity of the over all sugar paste.

Needless to say, I will be playing with this in the future.

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Class topics- sugar sculpting, soup to nuts

I am starting to think about how I can take what I am learning and turn it into material I can share with others. I have or will shortly have enough material for 3-4 different classes for sugar paste (this was a surprise to me)  If I start with the ground up, I can cover a full soup to nuts construction project.

Class 1: Under the covers (1-2 hours)
This class would cover period armatures, modern armature substitutions and basic construction methodology.  Students will learn the difference between food safe/grade structures and sculptural only  materials.  Mostly lecture, could be hands on.

Class 2: Period sugar paste (1 hour)
This class would be a hands on class wrapped around the making of period gum paste. Students will learn the role of the various materials,  different recipe formulations and proper storage/handling of period paste. Hands on.

Class 3: I have paste, now what (1 hour)
This class focuses on how to use gum paste in practical applications, applying paste to armatures and how to over come the limitations of sugar paste. Lecture and hands on.

Class 4: Prepping, painting and preserving sugar (1-2 hours)
This class will focus on the various tools confectionery artists can use to prep, paint and seal/varnish sugar work. Topics will focus on period and modern techniques for food grade and sculptural works. It is possible that this could be both lecture and hands on.

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Class Outline: So you want to build a 4 foot cake

HRH Jana has announced that there will be a Sculpted Cake Decorating Contest at Coronation. There is a specified height requirement of a minimum of two feet and a maximum of four feet. There is also a “carrying” component, where cakes must be moved. This class is designed to help the novice baker understand what needs to be done to construct very tall and stable cakes (anything over 5” in height).

Here is the class outline: Cake Structures

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Pennsic- Classes for 2010

Class outline for UI Basics for Webministers
AKA: Making things work and look good
Description: Covers site development, interface design, usability and accessibility guidelines as needed for local group webministers.
Outline here:UI Basics

Class outline for Creating Order out of Chaos- Feasts for 20 or 200
AKA: A happy kitchen means happy food.
Description: Lessons from a restaurant chef, how to run a feast of any size. Topics include portion control, kitchen organization, food challenges, and course management.
Outline here:Feast Cooking

Class outline for Sugar Work
Description: This class is a part demonstration, part lecture about sugar work/techniques.
Outline here:Sugar Work

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Cooks Collegium- Sugar Work

Description: This class is a part demonstration, part lecture about sugar work/techniques.

Class outline for: Sugar Work

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Cook’s Collegium- Knife Skills

Class outline for Knife Skills. This class is a part demonstration, part lecture about knife identification, proper knife care, knife handling and cutting techniques.

Class outline: Knife Skills

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