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Organization is the key

I have a schedule for the prep and food for Yule. Many people have done a ton of prep work to get us to the point where we are now. If not for freezers, and doing stuff ahead of time, this list would be a lot more labor intensive. We should have a nice day up to about 4 pm. It will get crazy for a few hours, and then it will be all over.

Dinner Prep
9 AM
Brine pork
10 AM
Cut salad: radishes, leeks, endive, carrots, cabbage
Make butter beer
Make Clarree
11 AM
Cut sprouts and par boil
Slice and parboil turnips
12 PM
Layer turnips
Peel and cut pears
Slice oranges
Slice apples
1 PM
Braise venison
Make stuffing
Slice and portion cheese
Soften and portion butter
Soften and portion goat cheese
2 PM
Lard and stuff pork
Lard turkies
Lard venison
Portion chicken
Cut/portion ham
3 PM
Grind ham and chicken livers
Grind toast
Stuff pork
Dinner Service
4 PM
Cook soup
Make sekanjabin
4:30 PM
Roast pork (60 + 15 minutes rest)
4:45 PM
Roast turkie (75 minutes +15 minutes rest)
Bake and slice bread
5:00 PM
Roast rack (35-40 minutes)
Plate beverages
Bake pasties (30-40 minutes)
Tenderloins (30 minutes)
Plate salad, lobster, pomegranate, dressing
Plate cheese, bread, cold meats
Sauté Brussels sprouts
Bake turnips (40 minutes)
Make pork and venison sauce
Bake salt fish (30 minutes)
Plate foods: pork w/sauce, sprouts, venison, pasties
Start oil Fish pieces bake (15 minutes)
Fry dough (40 minutes)
Make sauce turkie and fish
Boil poaching for pears
Poach pears (30 minutes)
Plate foods: turkie, soup, turnips, fish
Heat Spice royal sauce
Plate: pears, oranges, profiteroles

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