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East Kingdom KQAS project overview

I am currently taking a break from all other projects until after Feb 12th.  This year for KQAS, entrants need to have 3 different types of projects.  This is designed to show breadth of A&S abilities. Since I ‘do’ several different types of art forms, this style of competition plays to my strengths. It also allows me to work on things that get me excited, rather than things that ‘need’ to get done. I will be posting the progression details of the 3 projects as separate  diary entries.  But here is the basic overview.

Embroidery- Pelican medallion
This project is part of an elevation cloak.  Only the embroidery will count as the entry.  The cloak is machine sewn, but the main medallion is hand embroidered. Artwork is based upon an image from Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art, by John Vinycomb, [1909].

Sugar Sculpting- “Sparky” the Blue Tyger of the East
This is a sculpture in sugar, with a rice cereal base. I think people are getting used to me working sugar pieces. And that’s ok, because I love working with the material. It can handle a certain about of being beaten into submission, all the while being delicate and very fragile.

Costuming- Mamluk fire coat
2 years worth of research and this project is finally getting done.  I am substituting coffee for black powder in the cartridges that will get attached to the garment.  Coffee does not have the same potential for going off if it is handled incorrectly. The general gist of this garment is that it was worn by elite Calvary officers in the Mamluk army.  They wore wool coats barded with black powder cartridges. Their horses, lances, helm and quite often, hand cannons were similarly barded.  They were set a blaze and pointed at the enemy. The combination of fire and sound was a very good scare tactic. These soldiers were not a ‘kamikaze’ style unit. The wool, covered in talc is fire resistant.  Combined with a layer of silk and mail, these coats could be used multiple time.  They were the medieval equivalent of a nomex racing suit.

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New: Heraldic cassock- Don Collin Monroe of Tadcaster

It seems that cassocks are the garment of the day.  This will be another heraldic cassock for another rapier fighter.  Eventually I will get out of the planning phase and get to the making phase of these garments.  This will be an all black cassock with the heraldic device on the sleeve.

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New: Heraldic cassock-Don Griffith Davion of the Argent Tyger

I will be working on a heraldic cassock for one of the fencers of our household.  While not necessarily ‘period’ for this style of outer garment, the effect should be able to be seen across a list field.

I always start a project with the design.  It helps to make the project “real”. Once I get the visualization out of my head and onto the page/screen, the project has been started.  Most of the ‘figuring” has already happened.This is a variation of a theme.  Once we get the design nailed down, then the fabric can be ordered.

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Dress evolution- Saxion dress 2.0

I have been working on this dress. I wasn’t happy with the first go around.  Nice blue silk taffeta.  The train wasn’t long enough, the skirt wasnt full enough and it just made a crunchy/swooshy sound when I walked.  It’s not  a bad dress, it just isn’t my dress.  Once I found ‘the fabric’ I began dress version 2.0.

New dress is burgundy velvet, with blue and gold trim.  Underskirt is orange silk.  I have the correct head wear to go with the dress.  And the dress feels better.  It moves better.  It looks better.  I still have to adjust the belt, but other than that, I think it is ready to go for Saturday.  I will know more about the overall success of the garment after wearing it for a day.


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New: Heraldic cote- Baron Lawrence Thornguard

I have the start of a new cote  which will become Baron Larry’s rapier armor.   I seem to be doing more heraldic clothing. This project is in the preliminary design stages. This will be worked into 100% linen, with the details appliqued on.  The sword will have flames, as per the device.  I just haven’t worked out good flame artwork that I like. Personally I am partial to version 2, but it isn’t my decision.

Version 1


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