Menu- Yule 2009

08 Oct

Course 1
Cheese: brie, blue, goat, boursin goat cheese
Charcuterie: ham, cold chicken
Sliced tart apples
Salad- cabbage, radish, endive, leek w/pomegranate vinegarette
Above the salt: Salad w/lobster, lobster goat cheese (unless someone does
something here, this will be my chef showcase, otherwise)

Course 2
Roasted meat
Roast pork
Beef pot pie
Brussel sprouts
Above the salt: Roast beef

Course 3
Baked fish, Salmon
Roasted bird turkey
Armored Turnips
Above the salt: Salt crusted whole fish (presentation for the head table- not
chef showcase), multi-bird gallentine (chef showcase)

Course 4
Wine and honey poached pears
Spiced royal
Apple foole
Sliced fruit
Above the salt- tarts, almonds, anise

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Posted by on October 8, 2011 in Cooking, Menus


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