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Swabian #4- finished

The Swabian for Bhakail’s investiture has been completed.

I had help with the beading of the front and back bodice. Thanks Violet Coleson and Ysmay de Linn. I applied the appliques and beads for the sleeve. There is still the fill beading and join appliques left to do. But it was done for the event.

Full dress:
Completed Dress

Sleeve closeup:
Sleeve Closeup

Photography by Jennifer Guyton

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Swabian dress #4: Sleeve in progress

The appliques are down on the sleeve and the beading has begun in earnest. Here are some of the pictures of the sleeve in progress.

Base appliques

Beading begins

Full sleeve with appliques down and some beading

We have squirrels

And so you have the reference, here is what we are trying to achieve.


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Baron Ian Raven of Tadcaster

When Ian was elevated to the status of Baron, I wanted to make my Don something heraldic and formal to celebrate the occasion.  Using the pattern we had developed a couple of years ago, I made a simple green cote, with ermine doublet and reversible ermine/green hood.  The hood was made to rapier armor specifications.  Because one cannot have too many list legal hoods.

  • Outer cote: Cotton velvet
  • Doublet: Ermine fabric is pre-printed.  Having hand painted ermine spots before, I found on demand printed fabric. in 50/50 linen cotton blend.
  • Tippets: Linen
  • Hood: Ermine fabric and linen, with liripipe

Here is the completed ensemble:


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Elysabeth Underhill- Harlequin veil

The Harlequin is the Bhakail baronial award for excellence in the Arts and Sciences. The token is a jester’s head on a blue ribbon.  She is one of my students for cooking and sewing, so I wanted to do something a little different for Lissa.  Instead of a token on ribbon, I made a linen veil with an applique jester head, trimmed in blue cord.

Most period jesters wore animal heads as hats.  We made her head a sheep, since she does a lot of spinning and knitting. The ears of the hat have bells sewn on (so we can hear her coming a mile a way). The whole image is about 2 1/2 inches in height. The hat is fuzzy and soft to the touch.

We took inspiration from this image.

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Cassock: Finished!

The Bhakail Baronial Rapier Champion’s Cassock is finished.

Project details:

  • 5.3 oz red linen cassock lined in black linen
  • Pewter buttons- 58
  • Applique linen flame and salamander logo
  • No standing collar
  • Painted salamander w/swords on left breast

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