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Water horse- concept art

Here is where I think I am going with this project.

The light brown is the structure of the overall box. The green, will be a piece of poured sugar.  I want it to feel like you are looking through the river at a water horse in transformation.  The wavy green line will be another part of the armature structure.  This piece of wood will allow me to build a below the surface and an above the surface view.  There will be a dowel that goes from the bottom of the structure, through the water horse, which will allow me to better join the two halves.

The most complicated part of this structure is going to be the armature.

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Sugar project: Water-Horse

I saw the updated version of GGG announcement  and I got all giddy and excited like.   I finally have my next sugar project. The one where I am going to attempt to put all my learnings into reality. Nary a rice crispy in site.  100% period as I can get techniques and all. Documentable too.

I am going to attempt to do a sugar water horse. It’s Ghoulish AND its a horse/fish combo thingy. And I already found a 1328 reference.  It’s not a good reference for the legend, but it clearly illustrates that they were using using the reference to the beasty.

So I am not sure this counts as a “bad idea”, but it did fill me with too much glee and excitement.  Apparently any thing that makes me jump up and down clapping manically, has been deemed Alesone’s bad idea dance.

Now all I need to do is give him a name.

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Completed: HRM Lucan Von Drachenklaue VIII

The gambeson for HRM Lucan has been completed.   The garment is a true quartered garment, both outer garment and lining are pieced. Purple quarter for the East Kingdom. Black quarter is his personal device.

  • 5.3 oz linen for outer garment and lining.
  • 7.2 oz natural linen middle layer.
  • Tri-layered, reversible black hood.
  • Simple gusseted linen shirt

Photos courtesy of: Tricia Augustine.  Gambeson, in quarters.

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Completed: Heraldic cassock- East Kingdom Rapier Champion

The heraldic cassock for Don Griff as the East Kingdom rapier champion has been completed. When worn with a linen shirt with gussets, this cassock will pass for list legal rapier armor.

  • 45 buttons
  • Black linen shell, red linen lining

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Sugar Paste: An interesting error

During a class demonstration at Pennsic, I had an interesting error. Rather than use the egg white and corn syrup combo of my normal sugar paste recipe, I ended up with a bit of a snafu. My egg ended up scrambling in the short walk from my camp to the classroom tent. Since I only had one egg, I decided to just go with it, reminding the class that the yolk would probably color the sugar slightly.

To my surprise, we ended up with a white sugar product. It was able to hold more sugar than the standard recipe, and the corn syrup/glucose was not needed. We only used about 2/3 of the egg mixture. All we needed to adjust was a little more water. The texture was more pliable, similar to a fondant. I am not sure of the drying properties, as all of the samples were given away in the class. We figured the extra fat in the yolk helped with the elasticity of the over all sugar paste.

Needless to say, I will be playing with this in the future.

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Update: Heraldic tunic- HRM Lucan

I have started the quarter panels for the gambeson. The initial design is here.

Quarters are very difficult as you have to line the garment up by the center line. So far everything appears to be lining up correctly. The crowns have all been appliqued down. Tonight I will sew the dragon paws down and get the outer/inner layers joined. Then all I need to do is a final fitting prior to it going on the list at Pennsic.

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Completed: Heraldic cote- Baron Lawrence Thornguard

The fencing cote for Baron Larry has been completed. 100% linen materials. Appliqued heraldry. The preliminary design is posted here.

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