This isn’t really a project post…

23 Jul

This isn’t really a project post, but a post about why I do projects.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the chaos and politics of the SCA, that we forget the things that make it magical for us. As many of us get ready for Pennsic, I thought I’d share one of the things that makes the SCA special for me.

A few years ago, happy go lucky, brandy new fencer was getting ready to go to her first Pennsic. She had been fencing for 3 months, was barely authorized and was teased often about being a girlie girl. So she went on a quest to find the loudest, pinkest, girliest linen for her new armor. Unfortunately for her, pink is not a fall color and the stores were not stocking the shade she was hunting for. And let’s face it, Rust is not a good pink.

About the same time a gentle inquired, “who are you?” You fence, you cook, you sew. I know almost all the people in this area that do that combo of things. She explained that she was new, but jumping into this SCA thing with both feet forward. Further conversations reveled her trials for finding pink linen. “I have some pink linen that I’ve been saving for a special occasion. How about you take it, make something, and go be joyous on the list. How much do you need?”

When the box of highlighter pink linen and subsequent rose colored lining arrived on my door step, she could not contain her excitement. Rather than the 1 or 2 yards she said she was looking for, there were 17 yards of fabric in a great big box. When she asked how much do I owe you? He said nothing, because someday you will pay it forward to another happy go lucky, brandy new fencer.

The happy go lucky, brandy new fencer, is not so new and slightly less shiny, but I still love my community. This is why I sew things for people who cannot, gift linen to those who need it and why I will someday outfit the entire eastern army. We were all brand new at one point. And it brings me joy to see you skip around a list, in something that cost me just a little bit of time and a few bits of fabric.

If you look carefully at any of my armor, there is a little bit of that pink in everything I wear on the list. And it still makes me smile and giggle like the happy go lucky, brandy new fencer I am on the inside.

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