HRE tour: Friesia- Design refined

13 May

I needed to update the mock up of the Friesian. I had used the same template I had for the Flanders, and it wasn’t working . Friesia (The Netherlands) and Flanders (Northern Belgium), two different places in the HRE. The clothing is similar, but also very distinctly different. I stepped back, selected the image I wanted to work with and modified accordingly. It is always tricky working from a 2 dimensional painting/illustration and trying to figure out what exactly is being portrayed.


I went with the colors and style of the girl in the left back. I will be adding a head covering as I am married (and I have cut my hair short and I can no longer do period hair styles).

Here is a different image, showing the shortness of the skirts. Hendrick Avercamp, Winter landscape with skaters.

Fresian Modified

The challenging part of this garment will be the pleated high collar shirt. Which looks like it will be similar in technique to cartridge pleating. At this time I am going to just bind it with a collar, and wait to do the smocking embroidery. I will post photos shortly of the garment.

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