HRE tour: Friesia- Dress design

29 Nov

I want to work my way around the Holy Roman Empire via costume.  I will be starting with Códice de Trajes,Hacia 1547  Click “view digital object” to see the book.  I want to make the various regional dresses and create a book of me in the costumes of each area  Eventually I will bind the book and it will become my personal codex.

The first area we will be visiting will be Freisa. I have the dress designed.  If the pink linen and black wool arrive in time this dress will be made for our Yule celebration, this coming weekend.  I have 2 full days off and nothing on the schedule that needs doing “RIGHT NOW”.

I will be posting in progress pictures as I go along.

And I’ve been busy designing other gowns for other folks and regions of HRE.  So expect to see a lot of costuming posts in the next day or so.  And just to keep things interesting, I will be posting some sugar write ups as I get ready to do winter subtlety projects.


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2 responses to “HRE tour: Friesia- Dress design

  1. maniacalmedievalist

    December 2, 2012 at 6:21 pm

    I love that they are raised so much above the ground. These would make nice outfits for an event that you’re working rather than playing.

    • Alysten

      December 3, 2012 at 4:48 am

      I do a lot of kitchen work. I am always on the quest for the perfect working wear. And I find it difficult to work in kirtled gowns. I am a “trip hazard”. It is a very real probability that I will trip sometime during the day. Having long skirts is a recipe for disaster. So I love, love, love, naturally shorter skirt,s


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