Loaf sugar

09 Feb

I recently purchased some loaf sugar. The purveyor is doing the refining herself. She has several different sizes.  I have been experimenting with making powdered sugar, gum paste and tonight I used it to make Manus Christi confections.

Boiling the sugar is a very different experience compared to using modern granulated sugar.  It was more hygroscopic and behaved in a manner similar to honey (but different).  It was very slow moving through the stages and the bubble formation was different.  I was glad I used a thermometer for this first go around.  I ended up doing quite a bit of skimming during the process. But the end result was lovely.

One of the hardest parts about using it, is making it small enough to use.  I ended up using a combination of sugar nips and my chocolate knife.It has a bit of a different flavor than modern sugar.  Still sugar tasting, but different.

If anyone has thought about using loaf sugar in your confection projects I would highly recommend it. I wont use it in every project I do. It simply isnt economical enough.  But I will be using it again.  I have another 4.5 lbs waiting for a new recipe.


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2 responses to “Loaf sugar

  1. Tomas de Courcy

    February 9, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Where did you purchase it? Do they ship?


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