Pelican- Mistress Alys Mackyntoich: Cloak

27 Jan

This was a super secret project for Mistress Alys Mackyntoich. She was elevated in 1999, so it wasn’t a secret that she was going to be a peer. We had talked about doing a new cloak as regalia off and on for a while. But something always took priority. So Engracia and I hatched a plan. I would to the pelican and the cloak, she would do Alys’ other badges and we would find a metal worker to create the clasps. The clasps were created by Lady Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea and are matched Tygers of the East.

Stitches: Long and short, split, chain.
Materials: Gold torsade #3, gilt pearl purl, silk pearl floss, linen ground.
Inspiration: Pelican panel #3, Aberdeen Beastiary ~13th century.

The cloak is styled after a short cope and is made out of 19th century cotton velvet. I had some legacy fabric on hand and its been waiting for a project such as this. It is pieced in 6 pieces as the fabric I had was very long, but only 20 inches wide. The panels are attempting to mimic the diamond pattern from the beastiary. They were held to the fabric via lightweight fusible web and then appliqued down. Gold and silver gilt is being applied around the applique. It will be lined in linen.

There will be more posted about the cloak as it continues to be built.

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