KQAS 2012- A plan

14 Dec

I think I have finally decided what to do about my A&S entry for this year.  We have to enter 3 different categories to show that we are well rounded artisans.

I am going to do one project, in three categories.  I have amassed quite a bit of information about the origins of sugar paste and cutting it down into 3 digestible pages of “documentation” would be problematic. I was already docked on this last year by going over a page or 2 from this limit.I will be entering research paper, heraldry and I’ve asked to be judged under confectionery (it doesn’t exist, but it probably should, or apothecary). It will probably get moved to cooking, but I can ask.

The main goal is to produce something that resembles an English Galleon.  Not necessarily  the Golden Hinde, but it is one of the more famous ones that the public would have had access to.  The ship will be 1/2 half of the Robert May “account” of a 12th Night subtlety.  I will be using SCA heraldry.  My patron is the Sabine de Kerbriant, Baroness of Bhakail.  Her naval Captain is Griffith Davion of the Argent Tyger, who has a letter of mark from Kronrad I.  This gives me the armory,colors and placement of the heraldry.

I will put the recipes, glossary and bibliography in as Appendices. Judges can look at them if they want to, but they do not have to. Since I am not “cooking”, the recipes and ingredients are not as critical to the overall project.

I can pull all of the history of sugar paste,connections to apothecaries and why cooks didn’t work in sugar paste, into a separate document. I can focus on heraldry specifically in it’s own document.  And I can tackle the actual build on it’s own.

Well that is the plan as it stands today.

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