Sugar ship- research

16 Nov

I will be working on a 2 part sugar piece. Part 1 will be the ship, part 2 will be the castle. Hopefully both pieces will be completed by Yule, December 2012. But part 1 has a target completion date of Feb 11, 2012.

If I try to recreate a navel/shore battle 1588 might be a good year to emulate. Spain was at war with England and the English Galleon would be the best contender for ship class. Sugar paste was known during this time period and people would use the media to celebrate important events (such as the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588).

The English Galleon:
Size- Converted Feet to Inches to get 1:1 ratio, then divided by 5 * 12″. This will be significant sized vessel, but still reasonably transportable.

Masts: 3
Sails 6, 5 square sails and lateen
Hull dimensions:

  • Overall: 120 in (36.6 m) 2 ft
  • Hull: 102 in (31.1 m) 1.7 ft
  • Waterline: 75 in (23 m) 1.25 ft
  • Breadth: 22 in (6.7 m) 4.4″
  • Depth: 13.5 in (4.1 m) 2.7″
  • Beam: 20 in (6.1 m) 4″

Height of mainmast: 92 feet (28 m) 1.5 ft

Armaments: 22 guns

  • 2 Peteras (small guns) on poop deck
  • 2 Peteras on fore deck
  • 2 Falcons (long range guns using two pound shot) in forecastle
  • 2 Falcons in stern
  • 14 Minions (guns using four pound shot) on gun deck

This is the first project that I will be doing as a journeyman confectioner, with services to “sell”. Rather than as a modern day artist trying to reproduce an art form. Griffith is the Commander of the Bhakail Navy. Sabine is patroness of the Arts of Bhakail. What I’d like to do is build a ship that features both of these things, similarly to what was done for the Golden Hinde.

For the large doe arms I want to substitute the Bhakail arms. For the masthead I want to use Griffith’s Tyger. For the striping, black, red, and white which is kinda in both arms/devices. For flags/arms, I will fly Griffith’s, Barony’s and Kingdom’s. The only substitution that I would make out of this would be the Bhakail arms on the boat back with Sabine’s arms, if she is the “personal patron”. Griffith has a letter of mark from a royal that says he can “privateer” in the crown’s name. I will be using that Royal’s initials and symbol of the crown as part of the ship.

One of the earliest full accounts of an English subtlety comes from, Triumphs and Trophies in Cookery, to be used at Festival Times, as Twelfth-day, &c.The accomplisht cook by Robert May.

“Make the likeness of a Ship in Paste-board, with Flags and Streamers, the Guns belonging to it of Kickses, bind them about with packthread, and cover them with close paste proportionable to the fashion of a Cannon with Carriages, lay them in places convenient as you see them in Ships of war, with such holes and trains of powder that they may all take Fire; Place your Ship firm in the great Charger.

In another Charger have the proportion of a Castle with Battlements, Portcullices, Gates and Draw-Bridges made of Past-board, the Guns and Kickses, and covered with course paste as the former; place it at a distance from the ship to fire at each other.

After some short pause, fire the train of the Castle, that the pieces all of one side may go off, then fire the Trains, of one side of the Ship as in a battel; next turn the Chargers; and by degrees fire the trains of each other side as before.”

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