New sugar projects

02 Nov

Later  this month and in January, I will be embarking on 2 new sugar pieces, possibly a third (depending on when KQAS is being held).

The first project will be a poured sugar “stained glass window” for our Barony’s Yule and 40th Anniversary celebration. We will be attempting to do a sugar paste leading and poured colored sugar salamander in flames. We will be using the same salamander which will be featured on our dinner menu (a fantastic scroll by Ian Raven and his wife Annys Wolfe). We figure that the royals will have the option of having it displayed and then breaking it apart to feed to the masses (they can also choose to take it home).  It will, after all, be a giant lollipop.

The second project is also a poured sugar “stained glass window”.  This one is for the incoming Baron and Baroness of Iron Bog. This one will be the arms of the Barony and will be presented as a gift for Collin and Marion.  They too will have the option of taking it home or feeding it to the masses.

The third project, depending on when A&S is slated for, will be a sugar ship.  I will probably begin construction after Yule.  More details as the date becomes firm.

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