Project updates

12 Sep

Swabian dress– We are moving full steam ahead.  The wool for the dress arrived. The linen for the lining has arrived. All that is left is to purchase the beads for the beading.  We received the pattern for Princess Kiena at Pennsic.  We will need to do some modification to it as it is a Gothic fitted gown pattern.  The pattern for the trim that will go on the head wear has been selected and will be rendered in a lovely blue and silver.

Sugar: Water horse–  I am waiting until we have a break in the humidity.  All of this rain makes for a really bad environment for working with sugar paste and poured sugar.

Flemish gown– The dress has been completed.  Though I am not happy with the lacing rings.  I think I need a bigger size because the ones I have do not allow me to get a good, tight lace.  Though that may also be due to the cord I was using rather than the rings.  I will have to try a different cord to see if that helps.  I will post pictures soon.  I just need one where the chain link fence shadows are not overlaid on the dress.

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