Armature bunny

31 Jul

I have started working on my armature sample.  I’ve decided to make it a bunny. The underlying structure is aluminum craft wire.  It is pretty light, structurally sound and easy to manipulate.  The bunny is made in sections.  Each section will have a different type of covering: plaster, paper mache, paste board and bare wire.  Once I get the bunny covered, I can experiment with different sealers.

Since the bunny is symmetrical, I can leave 1/2 unsealed and 1/2 sealed.  This will be my teaching bunny.  I will be able to show people exactly what was under the covers, how it was sealed and have general conversations about structural integrity. Since he will be small, I will be able to transport him to various classes in pieces and assemble on site.  Since he is modular, I will also be able to send different parts of the bunny around the class for people to look at and hold.

Since records of how sugar pieces were actually build are few and far between, most of these methods are theories.  But it will be interesting to see what works and what doesn’t. It also gives people a rough idea of what how little work the framework does to create the final appearance.  It is a good structure, but the sugar does 99% of the work for fine details.

Bunny parts:

You can see the sticks will be used to hold him together.

Assembled head:

Here’s what the head will look like when it has been “assembled”.

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