Class topics- sugar sculpting, soup to nuts

15 May

I am starting to think about how I can take what I am learning and turn it into material I can share with others. I have or will shortly have enough material for 3-4 different classes for sugar paste (this was a surprise to me)  If I start with the ground up, I can cover a full soup to nuts construction project.

Class 1: Under the covers (1-2 hours)
This class would cover period armatures, modern armature substitutions and basic construction methodology.  Students will learn the difference between food safe/grade structures and sculptural only  materials.  Mostly lecture, could be hands on.

Class 2: Period sugar paste (1 hour)
This class would be a hands on class wrapped around the making of period gum paste. Students will learn the role of the various materials,  different recipe formulations and proper storage/handling of period paste. Hands on.

Class 3: I have paste, now what (1 hour)
This class focuses on how to use gum paste in practical applications, applying paste to armatures and how to over come the limitations of sugar paste. Lecture and hands on.

Class 4: Prepping, painting and preserving sugar (1-2 hours)
This class will focus on the various tools confectionery artists can use to prep, paint and seal/varnish sugar work. Topics will focus on period and modern techniques for food grade and sculptural works. It is possible that this could be both lecture and hands on.

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