Update: Let them eat cake- Final prep stages

31 Mar

Eustace is almost at the stage of done enough for travel tomorrow. I have a 24″ x 24″ x 4″ rice crispy block, 3-4 pounds of gumpaste and 3 gallons of royal icing left to make before tomorrow. I need to cover one arm, both hands and his neck, so they can dry before the road trip. Cherries are currently getting a honey mead soak for re-hydration before becoming filling. I am going to make a tasting cake, so they do not have to destroy Eustace until he needs to be.

Eustace is my cake entry for the Let Them Eat Cake competition for HRH Jana’s coronation. I am entering the Just for Fun category because I cannot justify “historically accurate” by even the loosest of definitions. The food choices, design choices and construction techniques have been made base upon the following criteria:

  • Safely transport the project from Philadelphia to Rhode Island.
  • Food quality and sanitation for the 2 days it will have to endure without refrigeration
  • Structural integrity as it is moved from various areas of the coronation venue.
  • This is a fun project.

Occasionally I do a project  for shits and giggles. It amuses me and I learn things. Things that I will be able to use in future “for real” projects.  And occasionally I get a great “no shit there I was” story *.

New Eustace pictures!

Eustace’s framework, now with arms and hands!

Enough cake to make his body… I hope.

*Ask me about attaching rice crispys to PVC pipe. Yeah… it’s pretty entertaining.

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