Update: Let them eat cake- Sugar paste

09 Mar

All of my projects need names. All of my sugar pieces have been ‘named’ and most of rapier armor has been ‘named’.  The grotesque has been named Eustace after the patron saint of hunters.  Eustace is going to be 80% cake and 10% period gum paste and 10% rice cereal treats. Since this is a modern cake, I am not as worried about the non-period ingredients.

However, Eustace is providing me the experience with making and working with period gum paste (which is similar to modern pastillage). It is a lot like working with porcelain.  Though I have decided that I will work with the sugar the same day I make it.  Less potential to get a crusty layer.

After some experimentation here is the recipe that I will be using in the future:

1 TBL liquid glucose (or corn syrup)
1 TBL gum tragacanth
3 TBL hot water (or rosewater)
1 TBL lemon juice
The white of one large egg
16 oz of powdered sugar

  • Dissolve completely glucose (corn syrup) in hot water and lemon juice
  • Add gum tragacanth.
  • Mix until it forms a sticky paste.
  • Mix egg white into the paste (it will be lumpy and little slimy).
  • Begin to work in the powdered sugar.
  • Kneed mixture until it forms a smooth paste.

To prevent mixture from sticking to you work surface, add a little powdered sugar to your board.

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