Update: Let them eat cake

21 Feb

I’ve started the preliminary designs for the English great hall which will be the centerpiece of my cake. So far it is looking big. Almost 30″ tall, 45″ wide. I will have to transport everything in pieces and then assemble the day of. The cake has to travel from Philadelphia. I cannot trust that a period cake is going to handle the transport and stacking. This is going to be heavy.

I’ve decided I am going to do a modern cake recipe with period flavors. I will be using my culinary school bakeshop recipe. It produces a dense cake with a small uniform crumb. It is the type of recipe you would find in a commercial bakery. It will stack and transport well. The period work will come in the great hall construction, which will be sugar and gingerbread. The windows will be poured sugar.

When doing gingerbread or other house construction, you need a road map. A to scale drawing if you will. You build the house like a construction project. Here is the lower floor (if you were hanging from the roof). You can see the fireplace, windows, pillars for the arches and main table. You can also see this is not a completely walled in building. I want you to be able to see inside, similar to a doll house. You should get the illusion that you can just walk right in and sit down (if you were 3″ high).

Other floors/views will be forthcoming.

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