Elizabethan Gloves

11 Jan

I am working on a pair of linen blackwork gloves for my late period kit. Glove making is an art form. I have drafted the hand pattern not less than 6 times. I finally have a working pattern that fits well. The finger gussets are still a work in progress. The thumb pattern was the only thing I got on the first go. Once you figure out the W gusset for the thumb (which is remarkably like the W gusset of the soldiers coat), it goes in pretty easily.

I am finding that I am enjoying the hand stitching part of this project. It is definitely something I would not try via machine. The Elizabethan glove is very narrow in the fingers. So far it takes me about 5-6 hours to hand stitch one glove. I should be able to have a pair done by Birka. That is the goal. The blackwork will probably not be done, but it is in progress.

Here is the art work for the blackwork cuff.

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Posted by on January 11, 2010 in 16th Century, Embroidery, English, Sewing


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