Technique- Concealed buttons and sewed on garters

27 Jul

When I’m working on armor, I am most concerned with how the garment looks and its structural integrity. So I am not using 100% period techniques and occasionally I add a modern element that is concealed. Like buttons. The only way you are going to see this is if you are up close and very personal with the fencer and you better be buying breakfast. This adds a level of safety to the garment in case a tie fails. Which is not very likely, but is possible.Though oddly enough I draw the line at velcro… A girl has to have some standards.

I don’t know about you… but some people I know have a hard time getting all the parts of their garb and themselves to the same event. Garters are one of those pesky items that complete the “finishing” touches on the pants, but… I know that they would get forgotten, lost, mutilated, etc… who know what else would befall these little fabric strips. Heck, I consider it a win if the garters actually make it to the rapier list tied properly (as opposed to “still pinned” neat little ironed rolls). Solution, sew them to the pants. If the pants make it to the event… the garters make it to the event. If the pants don’t make it, then we have a different problem.

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