Pelican- Marion del Oakes: Banner

27 Jul

I was asked to help with creating some regalia for a good friend’s elevation to the Order of the Pelican.  I was responsible for a new dress and a new personal banner.

Marion del Oakes’ personal device has oak leaves, acorns and a badger.

We have had a great discussion about badgers over the course of a lengthy car ride to and from New Hampshire.  Her favorite is the honey badger.  She likes the little white cap on their heads.  Honey badgers are also known for being deceptively cute, and vigorously nasty.

My first task was to find out if I could substitute the badger she was currently using for the honey badger. The heralds (I know a lot of heralds) said yup, the badge specifies a black badger… not a specific badger. So a honey badger is what was created first. The badger itself was made applique style.  The white cap and fir lines were painted on using fabric paint.  It is a little smaller than the badger on her device, but honey badgers aren’t very big.  I added claws and teeth, so no one would get the idea that it was a “nice” badger.

Note: the back side of the badger is lined in a cute pink bunny fabric which was used to bind the whole animal together.

The oak leaves and acorns were made in the applique style.  I used a cookie cutter to create the shapes from green, brown and ginger linen. Then I used a fabric glue to hold the appliques in place.  Finally I finished off the appliques using a hand sewn blanket stitch.

The final touch was to add the latin “Cave melem” which means, beware of badger. This was also done applique style in black linen.

The banner was made of a gold colored linen, and is lined.

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