16th Century- English: The Pickle Dress

25 Jun

At Roses I had the pleasure of spending time with folks I respect and admire a lot. I also spent a bit of time admiring their properly constructed English garb. It seems that while you can find Elizabethan court garments fairly easily, finding good quality every day wear is not as simple to find. Either the corsets are too tight and create the wrong lines or the style is simply not right.

I’ve been sewing better and better garments… for everyone else. My new armor is nice and super comfy to wear, but I cannot wear that for 8 days at Pennsic. I realized that I should spend some of my sewing time on me and upgrade my kit. I have good garb, but mostly Tudor lines, which is just slightly out of the time period of my persona. It is also wool. Which while great winter, is going to be too hot for Pennsic. My Pennsic garb from last year was all sewn during a “I’m still loosing weight too fast so i have to sew everything 2 weeks before I go” marathon. I have a little more time to create things this time around. Last years clothes will be recycled into other garments for this year- it’s good linen and I don’t want to just throw it away. And it is perfectly period to recycle your garments into other garments.

I’ve been trying to come up with the correct descriptor for the color of the linen. But it is probably closest to “kosher pickle” green, though Matt calls it “pea soup” green. It is really a lot of green, but the white trim cuts up the visual lines nicely and offers an eye break to the pickle color. The sleeves are detachable with diagonal stripes. The sleeve caps square tabs (like dental molding).

Pickle dress:

Inspiration piece (I probably will not do the ruff):

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