Technique- Waffenrok front: Faux slashed panel

17 Jun

I have changed how I’m doing the slashes in the front of the waffenrok. I wanted a larger splash of white in each slash and it needed to have some sort of front closing mechanism. I went back to what I know, faux slashes. Though this required a different set of calculations and patterning.

1. Calculate all seem allowances. In this case 2 additional inches of seam allowance.
2. Add additional measurements to waffenrok pattern.
3. Cut out front waffenrok.
4. Mark out all cut lines and cut.
Cut Lines
5. Create faux slash panels.

6. Create pocket closures.

7. Sew rest of waffenrok pieces to front panel.

8. Hand stitch corner closure.

9. Add decorative seam cover. This adds an additional layer of protection to the joins of all the seams and a decorative element to the neck line.


This creates the illusion of slashes with the safety of being completely closed. Perfectly list legal fencing armor

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Posted by on June 17, 2009 in Fencing Armor, Sewing, Technique


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