Waffenrok- Update

15 Jun

I have a student. She is learning sewing stuff from me occasionally cooking stuff. This weekend I had her help me with the King’s waffenrok. She ironed all of the clean linen, and cut out the skirt and top from the patterns we created yesterday. It will allow me to get the project completed faster than if I had done all the work myself. Lissa did a lot of grunt work yesterday, but everything she did needed presision and accuracy, and was important stuff to learn. She also learned the “easier” way to square fabric.  This is a good and challenging project for her to work on.

After the day’s lessons, I started the waffenrok front panel. I think I have a good way to do the slashes in the front. Though my heart bled just a little bit when I put 5 large slashes in my perfectly good, perfectly structurely sound linen. I will post the technique for the enclosed slash once I can fully articulate what I’m doing. Needless to say, the slash is completely closed and a blade will not get through any fabric. It is also a double layer of white which will eventually be lined. This is for drop test passability.

waffenrok2 waffenrok

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