Practice Waffenrok- update

11 Jun

I have completed the skirt. I ended up pleating, un-pleating, re-pleating, unpleating, re-pleating, sewing, ripping out seam, un-pleating and finally standard gather pleating. 108 inches to 36 inches. I am currently working on the top puff and slash. It is going to take quite a few stripes to make the top of the waffenrok. Good thing I have shown Telscope_merc how to cut out the fabric strips. I can measure them out and then have him cut them.

My eyes are taking a break from the orange and purple combination. These colors are in the right saturation to play well with each other, but the dominate color is orange (not quite safety cone orange). It can be a little hard on the eyes when working with it for long periods of time. “German” military clothing tended towards the bright and outlandish, so I am staying perfectly period (think Swiss guard). You are not going to miss this outfit on the rapier list.

stripes puff

I am glad that I have other projects to work on when I need a visual break. I have just cut out the shirt for the waffenrok. I need to see how it will hold up as the collar is different than what I normally make for rapier armor. I am hoping it covers enough on the neck. I don’t want to rely on the goret and hood for the sole means of neck coverage. I might work on this tonight. Shirts are easy… the collar is going to be a pain.

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