“Practice” Waffenrok

08 Jun

I’m working on this little project for the King. He wants a waffenrok as his armor. I’ve never sewn a waffenrok. I’m working without a pattern. It’s basically a dress with puff and slash cut for a man.  This I can do. So I am working on a “practice” waffenrok for Matt (my beloved guinea pig).  It will give me a good estimate for time and materials construction.

I washed and dried all the linen for the project. Matt’s waffenrok is slightly different than the King’s, but only in the top part of the garment. The skirts are essentially the same.

I originally sewed 4 panels 36″ X 28″ of orange and purple.  After I got three together, I noticed a little bit of a weight problem.  It was starting to get heavy and I hadn’t attached the lining yet.    The King will be used to wearing a lot heaver stuff to battle in, but Matt is a fencer.  Weight of armor becomes more important for agility and movement rates. So I decided to go with only 3 of the panels-lined and that is going to be the right solution.

Lining and skirt

Front of skirt, showing pleating

I started pinning the box pleating.  I am probably going to have to re-adjust the pleats and make them smaller. I am trying to get to a 36 waistline, and there is a lot of fabric.

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