Small cakes- project diary

26 May

For A & S to show my ability to be a wide range artisan, I was originally going to go with Gingerbread, but couldn’t find a recipe I wanted to work with. So I decided to do the small cakes recipe that Hunter and I worked on transforming last year.

Not a big deal… But now I am working on the documentation (its always about the documentation). It is a nice cake, sweet, and spicy at the same time.  Yup, I said cake.  Many sites out there talk about the small cakes  and try to make them into cookies.  The dough doesn’t behave like a cookie, and the mixing method is wrong. They talk about rolling the dough like a sugar cookie and using cutters to create the round shape.

I have to disagree with all of these methods.  If you look at the ingredient list and how you are to use them, the method for mixing is most inline with this recipe is the “2 stage mixing method”.  It is a low gluten cake.  You want to work with dough as little as possible. It will be crumbly and somewhat loose. But once it has been pressed into shape, it retains that shape and there is very little rise (there are no leaveners in this recipe any rise comes from the butter).  It is also a slow cooking cake almost 20 minutes. Another deviation from the cookie method.

I guess that’s why there is the documentation part of the entry so that you can interpret the recipes as you see them/work with them.  I am also changing the fruit listed in the recipe. I am going to be trying some other dried friuts/spices that would have been available at the time.  Period cooks like modern cooks didn’t  stick to just the basic recipe. As long as the basic chemistry of a baked good remains the same, you can change the spices and fruit without effecting the over recipe.

Culinary school should be good for something. Im actually going to have to break out the baking book for this one.

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