Technique- German Artillery sleeves

26 May

I have started the piecing of the sleeve fabric.  Though I think I made an error when measuring the needed width by about 2-3 inches. I have corrected it by adding two pieces of 2″ black fabric down the sides of each sleeve.  These will serve as the under arm seam.

Interestingly enough… this boo boo has allowed me to learn about how people modified garments for weight gain. The approach I took to add the additional fabric, was the correct approach to adding more fabric for people who need to have garments “let out”.

The sleeves would have been fine without the additional panel if the garment were not to be worn for fencing.  But as I want the wearer to have that option, I am adding to the width.  Who would have thought my “error” would lead down another research path?  Sometimes the best mistakes are the ones you learn the most from.  And in this case, all’s well that ends well. 😀

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