Elizabethan Court Gown- cartridge pleating

26 May

Ok… so cartridge pleating is the fine art of taking 5 yards of fabric, triple pleating it to the size of 35 inches and attaching it to a waistband 90 degrees horizontally.

Lessons learned (or now I remember why I haven’t done this in 8 years):

  1. 5 yards of cotton velvet is [bleep]ing heavy.
  2. Heavy pleated velvet does not want to attach to a waistband at 90 degree horizontally.
  3. When the needle draws blood the project has taken the requisite sacrifice, and turns out well (think this skirt took at least a pint).
  4. I am not sure what this should be, but probably along the lines of what the ‘hell was I thinking’ and ‘obviously I didn’t learn the first time’.

In spite of the bitching…. the overskirt looks amazing, and feels like silk and yummy goodness.

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Posted by on May 26, 2009 in Court Wear


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