EK Rapier Guild- thoughts on a proposal

26 May

Ok… so I’ve been thinking. A lot.  Many people have given me many great things to think about.   I decided that I want to be part of the solution and maybe bring some much needed enthusiasm of the newbie to the conversation. I’ve looked at other guilds out there and I think I have a base structure I am willing to propose.  Just wondering what you’ll might think. Keep in mind this is the start of a structure…not a full solution, yet.

The purpose of the guild would be to practice and promote the study of historical light weapon armoring and sword/rapier techniques.  This allows for different areas of sword study outside of the 16th century Europe.  While the primary focus would be for rapier, other sword techniques/weapons forms can studied and potentially adapted for rapier usage.

The Guild be allowed to sponsor chapters, that could be grouped by area of study and/or geographical location.

Members of the guild be responsible for producing 2 projects per year.  Projects can be presented in a variety of  formats including (but not limited to) Classes, A & S displays/competitions, monthly publications, research papers or website articles.

Members can move up ranks through presentation/demonstration/documentation and polling of master level guild members.

•    new members to the guild
•    this level is open to anyone with an interest in the art of defense
•    experienced in the art of defense (academically and practically)
•    mentors junior members
•    has demonstrated competence in 1 or more area of study
Master/mistress of defense-
•    demonstrated competence in 1 or more area of study within a class of weapons
•    mentors junior members

Weapons forms

Single handed weapons
•    Short sword

  • German (I.33)
  • [other examples]

•    Curved sword
•    Dagger
•    Rapier

  • Spanish
  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • [other school of rapier fighting]

•    [other single handed weapons]

Two handed weapons
•    Long sword
•    Broad sword

Defense objects
•    Cloak
•    Buckler/Shield



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