Flemish work dress- update 1

21 May

The overdress, apron and kerchief are the only things that are 100% complete. Everything else has the illusion of being correct, but has been modified for my personal comfort/fabric availability. It should have a full kirtle underneath, and will have as soon as I order new linen. Right now it has a kirtle shaped skirt. This actually is serving a dual purpose, 1 I have been able to repurpose an old late period circle skirt (which was too long to fence in) and 2, I have eliminated layers that will make me overheat when I am working.

The over dress is in wool. I know I said I was only going to do linen, but I found this lovely Prussian blue wool, that is relatively light weight. The shirt and underskirt are linen. The sleeves are lined in the contrasting red linen and then rolled to create the illusion of two dresses. The head covering is going to be fantastic for kitchen work. I can get everything covered and out of my way, and the kerchief hangs down my back and does not flop in my way.

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Posted by on May 21, 2009 in Sewing


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