Fencing pikes- initial proposal

08 May

The documentation process has begun for translating the fencing half-pike into an experimental weapons form. It is in its infancy and will undergo several revisions as this month goes on.

Impact on the rapier community:
As the Rapier community branches out into areas of sword play beyond the application of the “duel”, fencers should have access to weapons and weapon forms which would have been historically correct in time frame and application. The half pike is a weapon which has been employed in military units and protecting ships and cities from invading forces. Most of the fencing masters of the time, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and English, had specific techniques developed for the rapier on half pike scenario.

Fencing is a family of sports and activities that feature armed combat involving cutting, stabbing, or slapping bludgeoning weapons that are directly manipulated by hand, rather than shot, thrown or positioned. Examples include swords, knives, pikes (half pikes), bayonets, batons, clubs, and similar weapons.

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