Flemish work dress

20 Apr

I am a utilitarian SCAdian. I make garb that fits the task, not necessarily my persona or time period.

* My fencing jackets are late 16th century. The soldier’s coat is versatile, can be worn with pants or skirts, can handle a belt. Also good for doing black powder work as it covers everything.
* My court wear is Elizabethan. My persona is 1580s. I like the hoop and velvet look. Not so fond of the bum roll, but I can usually get away with the wool or the velvet with just a hoop. Its what I wear when I need to be in period/persona, and have to clean up well.
* My camping clothing is Tudor. Easiest garb in the world to sew is mid 16th century lower class. When you need a lot of garb fast, this is the era.
* My newest fencing dress is 15 century Kampfrau. It has function of being both stripey and mid calf. Perfect for fencing as the long sleeves tuck into the gloves well.

The next project I have scheduled for me is a Flemish work dress. I need something I can work in. Something I can push over my elbows and bare my arms. Nothing’s worse than working in a kitchen with your sleeves hanging in the food and you head not properly covered (i’ve spent too much time in a commercial kitchen to compromise on some things). So while looking at patterns for oaken_glen’s crown dress, I found the perfect costume. Flemish: Under kirtle with sleeves rolled up, over kirtle with short sleeves and tucked up skirts, apron, and linen head scarf tied like a bandanna (all hair out of the face and covered). Perfect!

I have never sewn Flemish, though all the cool kids wear it. I have resisted being just like everyone else, but I think with the rolled up sleeves, apron, and simple head scarf, it will be different enough that I’ll feel ok wearing it. It is the sleeves that have sold me. I will probably make it a dark-ish/food safe color combination, with the white of the apron (which I can bleach and will probably make 2 layers as it will probably double as a dish/hand towel and pot holder). But again its about function. I need something I can work in. Just like there are some costumes I wouldn’t fence in (or recommend people fence in)no matter how cool they look (codpieces anyone?). It will need to be breathable, so I’m probably going with the ole stand by of linen. I know they would have used wool… but really people, have you ever worked in a kitchen environment when its over 120 degrees and rising? I have, its not pretty and I refuse to melt into the food. I will post picture as the project gets underway. First I have to pick the delicious fabric that will become my kitchen/working garb, and then I have some research to do.

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