German artilleryman’s uniform 1597

08 Apr

This garment was created for a EK fencer who’s persona is a 16th century German artilleryman (in real life, he does play with muskets withInfanterie Regiment vonDononp). The uniform is based upon those shown in the Renaissance Drill Book by Jacob de Gheyn.  It was first published in 1607, which is “technically” just outside of the SCA 16th century cut off.  However, the illustrations were done several years earlier in 1597, and publishing was delayed to prevent the techniques from falling into enemy hands. The book was originally titled Wapenhandelinghe van Roers Musquetten ende Spiessen.  It is a military manual illustrating drills for Caliver, muskets, and pike.   Documentation included.

Completion times

  • Research: 15-20 hours of research and documentation
  • Doublet: 2 hours cutting and machine sewing, 25 hours of hand sewing
  • Pants: 12 hours cutting and machine sewing,15 hours of hand sewing
  • Jacket: 8 hours of cutting and machine sewing,3 hours of hand sewing
  • Shirt:4 hours of cutting and machine sewing, 3 hours of hand sewing

Documentation: 1597 German artilleryman’s uniform

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